Monday, November 08, 2004

Welcome to Our New standards-compliant Web Site!

We take our social responsibilities very seriously and have ensure that our web site is designed with accessibility in mind.

Web accessibility and standards

Web accessibility

We have tried our very best to make this web site usable by as many people as possible. Some people with disabilities find using the web difficult and many sites do not accommodate those with visual or other disabilities. While we know that it is impossible to design a site that everyone can use, designing this site with accessibility in mind means that more people can access its content.

We do not display any badges or certifications relating to accessibility as some of our pages incorporate Flash technology which is currently not in compliance to web standards. We feel the use of Flash does not inhibit people with disabilities from reading our content and adds visually to our user experience.

Keyboard Control

This site uses access keys. Access Keys are keyboard shortcuts that help users who have difficulty using pointing devices such as a mouse.

Some web browsers (not all) offer an alternative way to the mouse in following navigation links by using keyboard access keys. To use an access key, hold down the ALT key and press the appropriate letter or number. Internet Explorer users will need to press RETURN or ENTER to go to the desired page. Mac users should use Ctrl and appropriate key instead of Alt and appropriate key.

Access keys on this website are used only with the primary navbar (the top navigation system) and are numbered 1-8
  • Home: Access Key 1
  • Company: Access Key 2
  • Furniture: Access Key 3
  • Services: Access Key 4
  • Customer Service: Access Key 5
  • Resources: Access Key 6
  • Contact Us: Access Key 7
  • Client Log-In: Access Key 8
Note: You can also use the [Tab key] on the left side of your keyboard to activate links on each page. Once a link is active press the [Enter Key] to move to the page.

More information about web accessibility:

Web standards

In designing this site, we have used technologies that form a common standard. By designing to what are known as 'web standards', the content of this web site is made available to a wider range of people and technologies. You may have noticed that it downloaded quicker too. Perhaps one day, all web sites will be made this way, but until then this site is still quite special. In fact, we are the first Herman Miller dealer (to our knowledge) to provide a standards-compliant web site.

More information about web standards:

Benefits that you can gain by switching to a standards-compliant Web site.

Accessibility - Because Web standards incorporate and support accessibility compliance, a standards-compliant Web site is one step closer to accessibility compliance. By making your site accessible to the millions of people affected by disabilities, you can increase your customer base. In many jurisdictions, accessible sites are mandated by law.

Device independence - By employing the most recent standards for CSS, you can make it possible for your Web page content to be accessed by different browsers and devices — for example, the same Web site can be usable on both a cellphone and a fancy new computer.

Faster page loads - The brevity and clarity of standards-compliant code lowers the file size of Web pages, resulting in pages that load faster, giving your users a better experience.

Lower bandwidth usage - You pay for the bandwidth to deliver your information. You can lower bandwidth costs by reducing any unnecessary information your Web site sends to your audience. Studies have shown that using modern, standards-based design methods can reduce the weight of a site by 25% to 50%.

Ease of maintenance - The separation of structure and presentation encouraged by standards allows site-wide changes to be made by editing a single style sheet. Without standards, the same change would have to be made on every page of the site.

Improved User Experience - Non-standard code can make it impossible for people using less common platforms, devices or user agents to access your site's content. If your Web site conforms to standards then your content is available to all Web users (your potential customers).

More compatibility and less lock-in - A site that is written to a standard uses a well-defined technology and can be easily checked for compatibility with other products. Applications developed using non-standard or proprietary code can lock companies into using the application's technology because of the cost and difficulty of finding compatible products and technologies.

Our new web site was created in-house by our Creative Director, Eric Acevedo. For fifteen years, Eric has been the creative force in developing our corporate identity and marketing materials. Eric can be reached at or 609-619-6347.

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