Monday, June 12, 2006

My Studio Environments 'all about the person who's working there'

With the introduction of My Studio Environments, Herman Miller and dealer salespeople have an exciting, innovative solution to offer their customers.

"There's nothing else like it on the market, and we expect it to have a major impact," says Senior Product Manager Joel VanWyk. "Early response has been very positive, and customers are anxious to see My Studio and learn what it can do for them."

He notes that My Studio Environments is another major step by Herman Miller in the evolution of office furniture. "It fits perfectly with our history of systems furniture research, innovation, and problem solving. It also is a nice addition to our portfolio of systems products and enhances its range."

Available for order now, My Studio Environments will be introduced to the public at NeoCon 2006.

"For companies that view knowledge workers as strategic elements of their business," says VanWyk, "My Studio offers compelling advantages."

Designed by Douglas Ball, My Studio Environments is a human-centered solution. It fosters comfort, well-being, and productivity in personal, human-scaled offices that let people control their privacy and work processes.

Ball has been solving problems for people in offices for over 30 years, with an array of successful office furniture, computer workstations, and seating to show for it. "It's all about the person who's working there," he says of his approach to designing work environments.

For My Studio Environments, he reinvented the existing systems paradigm. "Workers have not only had to give up offices with doors, they've also had to give up space," he says, "so my goal was to optimize their work area."

"My Studio has the feel of a private office, even in a 6' x 8' footprint," says Eric Moes, senior product manager. "People can open up their offices to collaborate or close up their offices for work that requires concentration. This balance makes My Studio unique among open-plan products.

"For companies looking to optimize their real estate investment," he says, "My Studio is space efficient, but not at the expense of the individual."

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