Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Put an End to Workers' #1 Office Complaint

C2 Climate Control
If you work in an office building, it's probably happened to you, especially in the summer. The air conditioning kicks in and suddenly your workspace feels more like a meat locker than a place of business. Meanwhile, just a few feet away from you, someone else is complaining that's it's just "too hot in here". It turns out you're not shivering or sweating it out alone.

A survey by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) shows being too hot or too cold is the number one complaint in workplaces, beating even gripes about computers, workspace, noise and bathroom facilities. But now furniture company Herman Miller may have finally come up with an environmentally friendly answer to the problem that literally blows hot and cold.

It's called the C2. It weighs about a kilogram, it's the size of a kettle and it sells for around $300. It's a kind of desktop environmental regulator which Herman Miller claims can lower the temperature by about 13 degrees or raise it by 20-30 degrees within six inches of the machine. It's also said to use 90 percent less energy than an average space heater and is fully recyclable.

It can potentially solve the dilemma of the single worker who sits under a vent and always feels that draft, while everyone else is perfectly comfortable. "(Maybe) something like this could bring that person into the comfort zone," suggests the IFMA's Donald Young. "It's light, it's portable. I'm not aware of any devices quite like this one."

The product will be available in this summer. It's being introduced this week at NeoCon trade show. It's sure to be  - pardon the expression - a  hot seller!  If you live in the NJ area, you can order this unit from bfi at 908.355.3400 or visit http://www.bfionline.com.

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