Tuesday, June 08, 2010

bfi Furnishes Beauty Industry Leader's New Flagship New York City Office

Fusion Brands is a multi national Corporation that creates innovative beauty, cosmetics and fragrance products.

bfi provided a host of products and a co-coordinated and controlled  management process to meet critical deadline for Fusions’ new a flagship, NYC Office environment.

bfi was hired to solve a crisis management issue. Fusion had retained the services of a competitive dealership only to experience complete disappointment. The competitor was closing its doors due to insolvency after Fusion paid the other dealer a substantial deposit. bfi was retained to control time and cost issues, re-specify products and in essence problem solve a distribution issue what could have been disastrous and embarrassing for Fusion and the designer. We got the assignment immediately on track. Without our intervention managed carefully by Sharon Portnoy in the NYC Office, the client would not have been in the space, on time within acceptable budget parameters. We came in to rescue a bad situation, turned it around and delivered a first class result.

The project was completed in January 2010.

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