Friday, June 18, 2010

New Bretford Products

Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. debuted a new RHOMBII lectern at this year's NeoCon show in Chicago this week. Designed to support a 40-inch flat panel, the new RHOMBII lectern allows for the display of logos and graphics to engage, add interest and help students, professionals and other audiences retain the information being delivered. Ideal for lecture halls, auditoriums, conference rooms or anywhere that someone might speak to a group, the lectern can be used in combination with Bretford’s line of RHOMBII reconfigurable training tables or Bretford’s array of training, meeting and conference solutions. Also available with a solid wood panel on the front, the new RHOMBII lectern will be available in the second half of 2010.

The Juice Power System is a simple tool created to help facilities increase connectivity, reduce installation costs and protect valuable technology equipment. It allows up to four tables and eight computer stations to be powered from a single outlet without the expense of hardwiring or the clutter of individual power strips. It features a “tool-less” installation that doesn’t require an electrician or a building modification, so it can be incorporated into a facility for less than half the cost of most hardwired components. The system will be available for order in the second half of July 2010 at a list price that averages $150 per table.

To achieve more legroom, the outer pedestal bases of Bretford’s elegant and high tech Tru Tables have been moved in. On all of the conference tables except for the eight-foot table, the distance from the edge is now 20 inches. On Bretford’s eight-foot table, the dimension is 15 inches from the edge.

The new Collections catalog is different from any other Bretford literature. Every photo shows a full environment with specifications about each of the different products for real-world examples of what can be achieved with a complete room of Bretford furniture. Applications include hallways, classrooms, training/meeting rooms, computer labs, residence halls, cafeterias, lobbies, consultation rooms, open meeting spaces and lounges within education, healthcare and business spaces. Each application includes a list of all the featured fabrics and finishes.

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