Friday, May 11, 2012

bfi Furnishes City of Newark, Police Department and OEM New Headquarters

This is a state of the art Law & Public Safety building in the heart of Newark's mostly residential south ward. It houses the police department's south precinct which aims to become more connected to the community via outreach programs and by providing facilities for the residents to use for their programs and organizations. The building is also the new headquarters for the police department and the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) with its command and control center. It is the new high-tech central hub for managing the affairs of the city. bfi provided furniture for work stations, conference rooms, private offices, command and control stations, break rooms, paper flow/copy/fax rooms, and lounge areas. The new furniture more than adequately supports all of these functions. The majority of this project was done under the New Jeresey State Contract, allowing the benefit of a bundled price inclusive of all technical work, as well as delivery and installation services.

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