Thursday, June 06, 2013

Desk Exercises to Avoid Repetitive Stress Injuries

A healthy work environment starts with intelligent planning. This includes appropriate seating & desk solutions, ergonomical design, and creating a workplace that nurtures creativity. Intelligent Interiors can help with that. Additionally, there are many other things you can do to stay healthy at your desk. In this blog post, we decided to feature a post from the Lifehacker website that describes some desk exercises you can do to minimize repetitive stress injuries.

Simple exercises make a big difference (From

Exercises such as neck and wrist rolls, take little effort but can help you avoid repetitive stress injuries. Leg and foot raises will help those parts from turning to jello after hours stuck in a chair. We found that simply tapping your feet can burn up to 350 calories in a work day, so chances are you can make a lot more progress with leg and foot raises. You may want to look into sitting on a ball, too. You won’t get a full workout at your desk or anything, but these little exercises will help you stay more active as the day goes by. Besides, you can always get in a 20-minute workout on your way home.

Here’s a neat little chart that illustrates some exercises you can do!

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