Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Forget the hype, buzzwords, and trends. The key to designing an effective workspace lies with a concept as old as life itself: balance.

With all the mobile and digital technology available, it seems like setting up an office should be easy. Workspace is no longer dictated by having to access a computer mainframe or unwieldy filing system. Most things that workers need to do their jobs are inside their laptops and smartphones. All people should need are places to sit—either together or alone.

But it turns out that what arguably should be simple is anything but. Workers are looking for something more than a desk: they want to spend their days in an inspiring space that contributes to their purpose, facilitates their cognitive and physical well-being, and allows them to concentrate and interact productively with their colleagues. Yet companies that may be considering how to design an up-to-date, effective office space for their employees are confronted with an ever-changing and contradictory range of options.

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