Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tour the New Offices of Hulu, WeWork, LinkedIn, and Adobe

Photos of WeWork HQ by Lauren Kallen and Chris Stark via Officelovin'

Tech companies are often mocked for building offices that double as glorified playgrounds for their adult employees, with the requisite nap rooms, pinball machines, and plastic slides. However, four of the most recent office designs —for HuluAdobeLinkedIn, and WeWork—show a more restrained approach to workplace style. In each of the new offices, statement light fixtures are more common than toys. 

1. WeWork
↑ WeWork
Location: Berkeley, California
Square Footage: 45,000 square feet spread across six floors (once completed)
Features: Desks for 600, a "hippie lounge," brightly patterned accent chairs, and bold graphic wall art of bears and Queen Elizabeth 

2. Adobe
adobe-london-office-2.jpgPhotos of Adobe HQ by K2 Space via Office Lovin'
↑ Adobe
Architects: K2 Space
Location: London, UK
Square Footage: 9,000
Features: Stone-clad walls, distressed carpet, frosted glass walls with square graphics reminiscent of Adobe products

3. Hulu
hulu-santa-monica-office-3.jpgPhotos of Hulu HQ by Gensler via Office Snapshots'
↑ Hulu
Architects: Gensler
Location: Santa Monica, California
Square Footage: 95,000
Features: Open plan layout, exposed HVAC, walls of photography, Simpsons figurines, tiled game room with video arcade terminals

4. LinkedIn
linkedin-sunnyvale-office-15.jpgPhotos of LinkedIn HQ by John Sutton via Office Snapshots
↑ LinkedIn
Architects: AP+I Design 
Location: Sunnyvale, California
Square Footage: 575,000 
Features: Fitness center, gourmet restaurant, break spaces with Eames rocking chairs, and game room with ping pong table

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