Tuesday, July 28, 2015

5 Ways To Make An Office A Nice Place To Work, Not A Soul-Sucking Pit Of Despair

You probably don't go to work every day in a place that improves your well-being—but you could.

While there are numerous opinions on how office environments should be designed and organized, there’s no denying workplace well-being should be a priority for every organization. New ideas and creative design approaches continue to emerge that empower companies of all scale and business focus to take steps that will enrich the lives of their employees.

At its core, this growing focus on workplace well-being harkens back to some of the core principles for human health we’ve always understood: the importance of exercise and movement, access to daylight, clean air, and healthy food. Being able to integrate these elements thoughtfully into our daily work environments will enrich our full lives, beyond what we do outside of work.

Organizations that embrace workplace well-being will benefit from healthier and happier employees capable of increased productivity and innovation. Here are five ideas every organization should consider to strengthen its approach:

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Unknown said...

That lady on the left of the picture has the right idea. I'd feel so much better physically and psychologically if I had a comfy couch to sit on and do my work. Maybe I am super different than everyone, but I feel like I could get a lot done just sitting on the couch with the computer. It is sort of funny how comfort can add so much to our productivity.