Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Special Report: The Evolving Office

Architect Magazine featured a special report by Herman Miller titled "The Evolving Office" in their September 2015 issue.

You can click to the title link above to read it online or click here to download a .pdf version.

Excerpt: "The office used to be where you went to your job. Today, between smart phones, laptops, and high-speed wireless around every corner, employees have come to expect – and even thrive – with more autonomy. But too many employees spending too much time away from the office can come at a cost two important things like collaboration, innovation, speed, and creativity. Quite simply, people work better when they work together.

In this climate, what does it mean for workplace design to keep pace with the evolving needs of both businesses and employees? Offices should be places that people want to be in, where they'll do their best work, and where they'll grow. In addition to being beneficial to workers, such environments help organizations attract top talent and inspire hi-caliber performance.

In order to explore how the design world is adapting to this changing landscape of work, Herman Miller recently spoke with four experts to gain their perspective on where workplace design is headed. We asked Carlos Martinez of Gensler, Yves Behar of fuseproject, Amanda Stanaway of Woods Bagot, and Greg Parsons of Herman Miller about how they respond to the changing nature of work and the crucial roles that design and designer play in its future. "

Monday, September 28, 2015

What to do if you're too hot or too cold at work.

Too Hot? Too Cold? 16 Hacks for Dealing With Unruly Office Temperatures

My relationship with office temperatures can best be described through the following Katy Perry lyrics: "You're hot, then you're cold. You're yes, then you're no. You're in, then you're out. You're up, then you're down ..."

Is the sentiment familiar? More often than not, getting your office to a "perfect" temperature -- one that everyone can agree upon -- can feel like an uphill battle. When Jane is cold, Steve is hot, and then there's Karen feeling perfectly content.

The trouble with the disconnect here? Office temperatures can actually have a significant impact on people's productivity and ability to perform. In fact, a study from Cornell University researchers revealed that employees committed 44% more errors when office temperatures were low than when they were warm.

While it might seem impossible to please everyone, there are steps you can take to create a more comfortable working environment for yourself no matter what you're feeling -- freezing, sweating, or somewhere in between. Here are some tip on staying comfortable in unpredictable office climates.

16 Tips for Staying Comfortable in Crazy Office Temperatures

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Friday, September 25, 2015

How to Find Refuge in an Open Office

A health consultant and meditation coach considers ways to promote more serenity in your open office.

What is it about coming home? That sweet satisfaction we get as we turn the lock and push open the front door. We may even let out a deep sigh as we toss our keys on the table and drop our bags to the floor. Home: our sanctuary, our refuge, our place for peace.

I’ll bet you never feel this way at work.

Although the lines between work and home are becoming increasingly blurred, many of our waking hours are still spent in an office — often an open office; one that’s noisy, overwhelming, and full of interruptions. It makes sense that you’d crave more serenity at work — finding a “happy place” in the office can promote physical and emotional well-being. But how? Here are three ways to get started.



Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sitting vs. Standing. Is Your Sedentary Life Killing You?

Is sitting bad for you? It turns out, sitting is really, really bad for you. Sitting at your desk could shorten your life. So get up and walk around, OK?