Thursday, October 22, 2015

10 Cool Offices You'll Wish Were Yours

Here are this year’s 10 Cool Office Spaces:

1) Quicken Loans
At the Detroit-based retail mortgage provider, a one-time bank vault now serves as a seriously ornate meeting room.

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Tired of waiting for the elevator? This slide helps employees in TOMS Playa del Rey, California office move between floors twice as fast!

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3) Square
Talk about multitasking: At San Francisco-based mobile payments company Square, robots allow employees to move around the office even while they’re still at their desks.

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4) AOL

At AOL’s office in Dulles, Virginia, the brightly-colored furniture also fits into the walls, creating even more floor space.

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5) Citrix
At Citrix’s Santa Clara, California office, this “server room” is actually a place for designers to take a quiet break in soothing light.

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6) Heineken
At Heineken’s US office it’s not just 5 o’clock somewhere–it’s 5 o’clock here. This full-service, in-office bar allows employees to have a cold one at work.

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7) Red Frog Events

Chicago-based Red Frog Events’ office features this outdoor-themed meeting space, complete with mini-camper and rocking chairs.

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8) Red Ventures
Nope–that’s not a resort, it’s the office campus at Red Ventures. In addition to the fire bits the space also features bocce ball courts and a putting green.

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9) Pixar

This giant desk lamp outside the company’s headquarters not only evokes Pixar’s beloved films–it lights up at night!

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10) Riot Games
Whenever employees at Los Angeles-based Riot Games need a quick break, they’re free to game away.

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As seen on Forbes: In pictures: 10 Of The Coolest Office Spaces

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