Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Work Has Gone to the Dogs

Innovative Office Is Specially Designed as the World's Most Dog-Friendly Workspace

A workplace doesn’t get any dog-friendlier than Kurgo, a Massachusetts-based startup that produces high-end canine toys and travel gear. After securing their own 4,000-square-foot warehouse in 2015, they’ve transformed it into a comfortable place for the staff and their dogs, incorporating pup-friendly areas right alongside human spaces.

Daniel Sokol of Leed Containers helped design the headquarters to be very open with plenty of natural light, using repurposed shipping containers fashioned into eight offices. Reclaimed wood paneling lines parts of the walls, with patches of synthetic grass and antique playground equipment installed throughout the space. Other eclectic decor includes a vintage 1956 Airstream trailer and a canoe that hangs from the ceiling, symbolizing a love of travel.

While the interior decorating is playful and inviting, the most noteworthy part of Kurgo’s office is how dogs were integrated into many of the design considerations. Each standing desk can come equipped with a size-appropriate dog bed. The kitchen has an easy-clean floor, and it’s always stocked with food and treats for the four-to-eight canines that come to work each day (about 90% of employees have dogs). There’s a low water fountain and specially-designed shower that will help hose off a muddy dog.

The sense of community among Kurgo dog owners is special, and they go on walks together during lunch and afternoon breaks. If a dog gets restless during the day, there are also baskets of toys stationed at the indoor play areas, which has an ulterior motive—product testing. After all, who better to try out the new products than the company's favorite furry friends?

Above photo credit: Ryan Breslin / Staff

Photo credit: Ryan Breslin / Staff

Photo credit: Ryan Breslin / Staff
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