Tuesday, January 31, 2017

bfi Furnishes Riverview Medical Center’s New Cancer Center

bfi is proud to have been chosen to furnish the new medical facility at Riverview Medical Center. Included in the scope were the waiting areas, in-patient rooms, family lounge, nurses workstations, meeting rooms, and more; completing an attractive project for a very pleased client, whose patients will now benefit from the state of the art amenities. Take a look at the tour video below for an overview of this beautiful space.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Informative Review of Herman Miller's New Aeron Chair

Herman Miller’s Aeron was the chair when it launched in the ’90s. It catapulted the word “ergonomics” into the workplace, and, with its foam-free mesh-seat design, it looked nothing like office chairs before it. Everyone from the early dot-com techies to Hollywood producers — and their mothers — had to have one not only because it was radically different, cutting-edge and darn-right comfortable, but also because it had become a status symbol. However, even an icon can be improved.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

State of the Open Office

Findings Revealed From SCG’s State of the Open Office Research Study
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in 2016, Stegmeier Consulting Group concluded our latest research study, the State of the Open Office, with the intent of tracking reasons for employee resistance to open plans and the overall trend of open office implementation. Of the nearly 500 respondents (spanning 6 continents), approximately 200 provided a business email, allowing us to determine a representative workforce size of over 5.5 million employees.
Our Report
We conducted this study with the goal of injecting pertinent data and real voices into a workplace conversation that is increasingly deluged with sensationalist (The Open Office is the Devil) thought-pieces. Today, we’d like to share our findings with you. Please visit the research section of our site to download a PDF copy of our report.
Key Findings
As a preview, we’d like to highlight a few particularly salient findings:
First, our study revealed the top three concerns about working in an open plan: 1) audible distractions, 2) a lack of audible privacy, and 3) uninvited interruptions from coworkers.
For individuals who recently moved to an open plan, the top annoyance was uninvited interruptions, which makes sense in that once workstation partitions are lowered or removed, coworkers often naturally perceive their colleagues to be available for collaboration, simply because they are now more visible.
Speaking of breaking down walls, it’s not just individual contributors shifting to a more open plan. The trend revealed in this study indicates a future shift to assigned and unassigned open workstations by all levels of organizations, including senior leaders and executives. The chart below (one of many in the full report) shows how overall plans are expected to evolve moving forward.
Source: Officeinsight

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Are You a Design Genius? Take Our Modern Icons Quiz to Find Out

(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

Can you tell an Eames from a Saarinen? You might know the designer of the Egg, but what about the Arco? Take our quiz filled with iconic modernist furniture and lighting designs to test your knowledge of who made what. If you get "Design Genius," go ahead, flaunt those bragging rights in the comments below!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

5 Office Space Design Trends for the Year 2017

With the continuously evolving technology, the office space trends are also changing in the same pace. When we talked to our design experts who are highly knowledgeable and capable of creating efficient office spaces, they predicted a few major office space designs that could be in the top trends this year. Check them all below.

1. Hiding Messy Wires 

Office space design experts say that eliminating the wires and clutter is one of the most talked about topic in the recent times. It doesn’t matter how spacious and colourful the office space is until and unless it’s neat and organized. Wires of laptops, headphones and other electronic devices make the workplace look much disorganized.
Even the table worth RS 1 lakh will be of no value if the wires are hanging around giving it an odd look. They also anticipate that office spaces will have all their wires concealed within the table this year as the manufacturers are developing solutions that are simple and clean.

2. Future Proof Design

Future proof design is nothing but a flexible design which never makes the employees bored. Usage of furniture that can easily adapt to new and changing requirements, modular workbenches, modular sofa seats, meet point tables, collaborative breakout furniture, acoustic elements; these are  a few examples of smart office furniture that make office space adaptable and highly functional.
Yet another important thing to be considered for future proof design is power and data. Simple soft wiring installation allows you to save time by letting you do rewiring easily, so that you can adapt easily if any changes have to be made in future.

3. Integrated Technology

Workplace getting integrated with technology is a logical design trend that’s in the boom right now. Sooner or later this year, we can expect to see wireless charging of devices becoming very common. And it is more likely to be embraced in the workplaces if Apple and other major brands support this feature in their devices.
In 2017, we can also expect office furniture with built in power adapters and multimedia capabilities.

4. Bring Outdoors Inside

Bringing outdoors inside was the trend last year too and the trend is expected to continue this year as well. With employees spending most of their time at workplace, bringing some outdoors inside can certainly help them be lively and more productive during the work hours.
Bringing in some live plants creates an element of nature; it also helps to purify the air, so that the employees will also feel healthier.

5. Productive Wellbeing Design

This is everlasting trend in office space industry as every company wants their office space to be productive. The business owners may take the above 4 trends lightly, but not this one.
An employee can be productive only when he’s happy and healthy at the workplace. So providing a healthy environment is what the business owners should be concerned about. With the health and wellbeing being considered while designing the office space, we can certainly see a positive impact in the productivity of employees.
Minor things like areas for collaboration, standing desks, privacy, comfort, lighting, airflow and acoustics can have a great impact on the productivity.
So do you think your office space is up to today’s trend? No? Then why don’t you choose an office space that’s perfect for trend?