Thursday, December 07, 2017

The Game-Changer for Cities: Driverless Cars

Gensler recently published a thought provoking article about driverless cars and the impact it will have on cities and towns. Issues such as more pedestrian space on sidewalks and streets and a total overhaul of parking are discussed. It's a very interesting read. Here is a snippet...

We’re at a watershed moment in the design of our cities, and it’s all being caused by a new technology: driverless cars. No other innovation will impact the urban landscape and the ways people experience cities as thoroughly in the coming years. And that future is coming sooner than you might think. 
Most experts agree that the automobile as we know it will be largely obsolete by 2030. In its place will be fleets of driverless cars that shuttle people safely and efficiently through our city streets. But it’s the broader impacts of this technology that are a game-changer for the future of our cities and the human experience. The opportunity is not only to create new places that accommodate driverless cars, but to reshape our existing cities and towns into the kind of amenity-rich, vibrant places that we all enjoy.

Read the article "The Game-Changer for Cities: Driverless Cars"
Source: Gensler

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