Thursday, July 19, 2018

Herman Miller white paper: The importance of helping people and place align

Today, successful organizations are often the ones that can generate the best ideas the fastest, and they depend on people, not processes, to do so. And even though we often come up with some of our best ideas on our own, we need others to help us talk through a concept, explore its possibilities, and bring it to life.

We also increasingly rely on technology to fuel the creative process. We share information on monitors, use videoconferencing to connect with colleagues on other continents, and develop content using touchscreens. But problems arise quickly when the systems and devices we use daily are out of sync with the spaces that house them.

Whether we realize it or not, we’ve all struggled to work in a space where the surroundings (the physical space itself), furnishings (the chairs and tables), and tools (both digital and analog) are out of sync with each other—and with us. It’s the device that needs charging, but the only outlet is out of reach. It’s the sinking feeling that comes with being late to a presentation, only to realize that the last open seat is the one in the front, next to the presenter. It’s the meeting that starts 10 minutes late due to technical difficulties, throwing off everyone’s schedule for the rest of the day. CONTINUE READING

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