Friday, May 24, 2019

Your desk job wreaks havoc on your body, here's how to fix it

Five great ways to eliminate sore wrists, a stiff neck and other office-related aches and pains.

Since 1960, the percentage of physical activity at work has decreased by about 30 percent, largely due to the increase in office jobs that require sedentary work.

We know that sitting is linked to health complications such as weight gain and increased risk of heart disease. In fact, one study even purports that people who exhibit sedentary behavior are more likely to die early.

If you work in an office, chances are you spend more time there than you do at home, if you don't count sleep. If you don't optimize the place you spend 40-plus hours each week, you can't really expect healthy habits to spill over into the rest of your life.

And if you work from home, it's even more critical to set up a workspace that's conducive to healthy workplace habits, because an at-home workspace presents a unique set of challenges (like your couch calling your name just a few feet away).

Here are five ways to stay healthy and comfortable at work. Continue reading at CNET.

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